Understanding The Male Ego

Above all else, the male ego has been a major subject of fascination for women since the very beginning. From far back in time, women of all across planet have desired to fully demystify the innermost workings of the male ego. To this very day, women are striving and wishing to unravel the intricacies of the male ego. In the generations to come, women will still be captivated and perplexed by the complexities of the male ego. Interestingly, this fascination is all due to the fact that women are the natural compliments and contrasts of the male ego.

In the attempt to understand men, women have to first accept the fact that they have a great deal to do with the state of the male ego. You see, women have a greater influence over men’s lives than anything else there is. A man may have been influenced by his father, male friends, and foes, but he was more so influenced by his mother, sometimes grandmothers, teachers (majority being females), and the countless girls he adored while growing up. Why is this so? Well, because men love women, desire their acceptance, hunger for their admiration, and seek their approval. In essence, men base much of their worth on how they are perceived by women.

If a man’s ego is prominent and over-inflated it is because he has had success with the women in his life. The male ego begins to grow from the time boy is adoringly praised by his mother. The boy’s ego increases in size when his earliest teachers commend him on a job well done. As the boy develops, his ego takes on greater magnitude and dimensions when girls begin to take an interest in him. The opposite is also true, if the boy is constantly chastised by his mother, criticized by his female teachers, and criminalized by girls, then he will more likely grow up to become a man in possession of a decimated ego.

Though a man’s ego may be inflated in a major way, it can still be shattered into pieces. You see, the male ego is very fragile. Toss a few sensitive issues at a man’s ego and it will certainly crumble. Luckily, if the man’s ego has some substance to it, he will be able to put the pieces back together again. On the other hand, if his ego was unsubstantial, it will more likely take him a very long time to recover the fragments and patch them back together. This is the reason why men are so guarded when it comes on to the sensitive issues of their lives. They know that if they expose themselves by revealing their sensitive issues to others, they will become vulnerable to attacks on their fragile egos.

The male ego has its many emotionally fulfilling needs. Accordingly, if a man is foolish enough to ignore his vital ego needs, he will surely pay a hefty emotional price. As the body needs food, rest, cleaning, and shelter to survive, the ego needs ambition, appreciation, success, and respect.  When all the needs of the ego are met, a man will thrive emotionally.

When a man’s ego is in shambles, his confidence is expectantly low. Why? A man’s ego and confidence are directly proportional. They are the perfect mirror image of each other in size and stature. The three primary aspects of confidence: self-esteem, self-image, and self-love depend heavily upon the status of the ego. If a man’s ego was not primed and boosted from a young age, his level of confidence will certainly be close to zero.

The male libido is fueled by the ego.  It is the widely accepted fact that a car will never get started let alone progress along a path to a predetermined destination if it has no gas. The same is also true for men who are low on ego. These men can’t ever seem to get self-started. They always need a push, a pull, or a lift. When the ego is at a good and healthy level, a man’s libido is all revved up and ready to go. In essence, the ego provides men with a much needed vigor. This very vital energy is not merely sexual, but it is also a key driving force that compels men to strong, definite actions and new heights.

The male identity is intricately tied to the ego. Who a man is as a person is a projection of his ego. Therefore, all healthy men are ego-driven. This fact bears to prove that the ego is an essential part of life. Without the ego, a man would have no sense of self. Not to mention, a man would have no aspirations to aim for and achieve in life if he had no ego. This is exactly why men take their egos very seriously.


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