Ten Steps to a Better You

Self-improvement is a major need that just about everyone on the planet has. Everyone wants to become a greater version of who they currently are. It is either a person wants to become healthier, wealthier, wiser, stronger, or more attractive to the opposite sex. No matter who it is, I can assure you that they are thinking of how to make themselves better in some way, shape, or form. This is simply because no one is totally satisfied with themselves.

Sadly, though many people want to become better, they find it very hard to do just that. Well, there are several reasons for this. First of all, many people do not know where to start. Second, they do not know in what direction to turn. Third, many people find it very difficult to maintain on a set path towards self-improvement. Fourth, many of these people become distracted and discouraged too easily.To sum it up, there may be obstacles on the road to a better you.

This article presents 10 very vital steps anyone can take to becoming a better in terms of how they live their lives. These factors are directly related to the various aspects of life as we know it.

  1. Adopt a better thinking pattern

Before you can experience the great transformation that you so desire, you have to first of all alter the manner in which you think. Thought pattern is the single most important factor in the personal transformation process. The nature of your thoughts can either help or hinder you in a major way. Why is this so? Well, to put it simple, thoughts are essentially the programming that control actions and therefore determine outcome. Proper and wholesome thoughts will lead to better actions and results in your life.

  1. Make better use of your time

Time is a very important resource. Not to mention, the amount of time we are given in life is limited. Therefore, it is very essential that you spend it wisely. In your transformation process, you want to make sure that you are utilizing your time well by investing it in things and endeavors that are beneficial to you. These benefits could be either short or long-term. Spending valuable time on activities that yield no returns is very counterproductive. To have a better life, you have to truly make better use of your time. The rewards will make your life a whole lot sweeter.

  1. Make better use of your energy

Energy is just as important as time. The manner in which you utilize your energy has a lot to do with your level of productivity in life. If your energy is spent chasing shadows, then you can only expect that you will have nothing to show for your daily energy expenditure. In the same breath, if your energy is spent on getting trivial things done, then it is only fair for you to get trivial returns. The same is also true on the opposite end of the spectrum. Those who spend their energy on worthy ideals will have enjoyed a fruitage of worthy returns in their lives. Therefore, it is essential that you utilize a greater portion of your energy on things and endeavors that are worthwhile.

  1. Create a better self-image

Having a better self-image is a very key part of becoming a better you. By far, poor self-image is in epidemic proportion and afflicts three out of five adults. Because of love self-image, many people have short changed themselves and have settled for far less than they are truly worth. The “better you” can only come through you having a better self-image. It is all in the imagination and before a better you becomes a reality, it has to be imagined. However, people’s past failures have a way of sticking with them and therefore hindering their ability of imagining a “better self”. With that in mind, do all you can to always see yourself in a better light.

  1. Practice better daily habits

Your habits are the things you do on a daily basis without even thinking. Essentially, your habits are the involuntary actions that you carry out in a repetitive manner over an extensive period of time. Sadly, many people have habits that offer them no benefits. Instead, these habits waste time, energy, and sabotage those who are caught up in the fruitless cycle. Practicing better habits sets you on course to a highly fulfilled life. So, it is in your best interest to take stock of all your habits, evaluate them all, and then replace the unproductive habits with others that are beneficial. Some of the major habits include diet, and exercise.

  1. Organize and plan better

In order to become a better you, the practice of organizing and planning has to become a habit. Planning is very important because it decreases aimlessness. In the same breath, organization is excellent because it diminishes the occurrence of chaos. With a greater sense of direction that comes from planning and increased clarity that comes from being organized, you can achieve a whole lot more in life and also reduce stress.

  1. Develop better communicate skills

Becoming a better communicator has the ability to transform your life in a major way. This is simply due to the fact that much of what we do as humans involves others. Not being able to communicate effectively simply means that you will be misunderstood, not taken seriously, ignored, and even resented. When you develop your communications skills, many doors will open before you and you will be able to reach people you were never able to reach before. Of course, the ability to reach people is very important because it can lead you to increased opportunities in life because of the positive impression you will make on others.

  1. Handle finances better

Becoming better with your finances can certainly lead to a better you. After all, money is an important part of your life and handling it well will certainly lead to better results in life. Your future depends on how well we handle money. To waste the money that you earn will leave you lacking and in a compromised state. Therefore, it is very important that you handle your money in a wise manner; conserving, investing, and increasing your earning potential.

  1. Sleep better

Your health depends on how well you sleep. If you do not have a good sleeping pattern, you can certainly expect that you will always be irritable, tired, and confused. Much is at stake when these very common symptoms are at play in your life. Your relationships, productivity, and emotions are all affected. Sleeping better will provide you with energy, repair cellular damage throughout the body, and regulate body functions and hormones.

  1. Respond to stress better

Becoming a better is also closely related to how you handle stress. No matter what we do in life, stress will arise in one way or another. Believe me, there is no such thing as a life that is completely free of stress. Based on the undeniable fact that stress in inevitable, it is vital that you know how to handle it in a safe and smart manner. To simply do what a stressful situation calls for is detrimental. It is always better to do the opposite or to at least take time out to think clearly before responding to the stress in the customary implosive or explosive manner.

You can experience a great deal of betterment in your life if you do one, a few, or all of the above. Remember, your great destiny awaits. Don’t allow fear and a lack of discipline sabotage your fulfillment in life.

Ian H. Robinson is the creator of (thebetterme123.com). He is a life-coach, speaker, and educator.


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